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Community Currency Workshop - Boston

Community Currency Workshop - Boston


We're posting this meeting to get the word out to our network, since most in the 911 Truth movement understand also that there are problems that have their root in the money and banking system. This presentation presents alternatives that help us build strong communities through community-based money systems.

The Alternatives Expo has organized 2 Community Currency workshops on this Boston Tea Party '08 weekend:

Boston on Saturday, 13 December 2008
Bristol, N.H. on Monday, 15Dec (see other announcement (https://xxx))
[size=12pt]The Power of Community
Kick-starting Local Currency Initiatives
Boston South End Library - (directions (
685 Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts
9AM-6PM (schedule details will be updated at the AltExpo website (
Break at 2PM to adjourn to local restaurant for final sessions
Networking and party afterwards

Sessions include:
Liberty Dollar
Free Lakota Bank
Time-based money systems
Consensus meeting skills
Community interface
"Nuts and bolts" of local money

Money as Debt
Zeitgeist Addendum (money section)
and others

Be sure to attend the Boston Tea Party 08 event ( Sunday at Faneuil Hall!

Volunteers are needed for all events and host lodging offers are appreciated for out-of-town speakers and attenders - We have a special need for a videographer to record the proceedings.
write () if you can volunteer to help in any way, including carpooling.
Donations at the events are appreciated to cover costs.

This seminar will be repeated (with some variations) in Bristol, New-Hampshire on Monday (see other announcement)

685 Tremont Street · Boston, MA
39 spots left