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First Ever "HUNGER STRIKE" for 911 Truth !!!


Join us for an unprecedented event and support Blair Gadsby as he starts his hunger strike for 911 Truth. GOP Presidential hopeful John McCain has endorsed the official story of 911. Given the many anomolies and un-answered questions surrounding that fateful day it's time he is confronted and allowed the opportunity to change his position. Hopefully media attention can be garnered by this bold move to break through the veil of silence. Nation wide support for this event is highly anticipated as attention surrounding McCain becomes heightened the closer we get to the presidential election. Leading 911 Truth activists Richard Gage AIA, founder of - David Ray Griffin author of seven books on 911, Steven Jones, physicist and former faculty at BYU and pioneer in revealing the hard evidence behind the use of explosives at the WTC, and Russ Whittenburg of pilots for 911 truth have all agreed to join the discussion should J. McCain do the unthinkable a agree to look at the overwhelming amount of evidence regarding 911. Steps are being taken for a possible multi-city protest. Chicago and New York activists are being contacted to join Phoenix in solidarity and conduct protests for 911 Truth in front of Barak Obama's office in Chicago and Hillary Clinton's office in New York.

How will the media react? Will we get a response from the AZ senior senator? How many days can Blair hold out during this hunger strike? Memorial Day 2008 will no doubt go down as a historical event. Show your support for 911 Truth and join us.

NOTE - Other than drawing attention to 911 Truth the most important aspect of this event is Blair's safety. His protest will last several days in front of John McCain's office and at some point will no doubt take a toll physically. We are requesting that 911 truth members show your support by accompanying him at various times throughout his stay.

Stay tuned for a 911 Blogger posting.

John McCains Office
5353 N. 16th St. · Phoenix, AZ
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