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Canada Truth Day - Fraser Valley

Canada Truth Day - Fraser Valley


It is Canada Day, and Canada needs 9/11 Truth!

Therefore, this will be a special day of action for Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth as we share what we know about 9/11 with our fellow citizens on the streets of Maple Ridge during the official Canada Day celebrations, and we need as many people out as possible to participate in this act of love for our country, fellow citizens and the world at large.

If you can't get out here, please get out in your own cities, towns and neighbourhoods for 9/11 Truth and Justice, and to put an end to the illegal wars that are based upon lies.

If you have never taken action before and not normally inclined to do so, please make this the one day that you do something. Put a sign in your window, on the lawn or in your car, make a banner and hang it at an overpass, print and copy some flyers, burn some DVDs and hand them out, but PLEASE do something to help inform Canadians and to save Canada.

It is up to each of us to expose the 9/11 fraud and to say to the world that "we do not and will not support the global war of terror and the killing being done in our name without a new, fair and impartial investigation of all the facts!"

Our group will be meeting up at the corner of Dewdney and 224th St. in Maple Ridge, BC at 12 Noon, proudly and patriotically serving our country as concerned citizens.

Please meet us there or be somewhere in this great land doing the same!
Truther's Corner
Dewdney Trunk Rd & 224th St · Maple Ridge, BC
How to find us

We will be very obvious ;-)

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